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Our Favorite Wellness Brands

At Round Table Dynamics, we have scoured through many brands to find the best wellness products to support your health. Take a look at our favorite wellness brands that are certified organic, trusted, and safe to use.

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Protect Your Energetic Wellness


Raise your cellular voltage and wear magnetic jewelry to protect you and your family from the harmful EMFs from wifi and 5G technology

We have searched hundreds of companies that we love and with the exponential growth of 5G technology in our lives and more and more people using wifi, it’s important to understand the negative impact of EMFs on our health and wellness. Wearing magnetic jewelry will help increase your cellular voltage and protect you from the harmful effects of increased technology use in our lives. Take a look at this amazing line and follow the link to purchase magnetic necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more for men, women, children, teens, and yes, even pets.


Wellness Benefits – Each jewelry base has energetic elements embedded to increase blood flow, reduce stress, and increase vitality. The precious stones for each base have Neodymium bio-magnets which emit frequencies that are in harmony with cell healing. Increasing the cellular function helps with the complicated overall symphony of healing that is innate in our body.

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Plant-Based Nutrition and Supplements


Organic plant-based nutrition and supplements from LifebySeacret is what we recommend for quality ingredients and great tasting protein shakes to revitalize your body. Take a peek at their supplements that will wow you and help you perform and sleep better.

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Organic Full-Spectrum CBD

CBD Wellness with organic, CBD products to help you recover

With so many CBD brands out there, how do you know which one is the BEST? Vitalibis offers the safest, most trusted CBD products on the market with third party tested, heat extraction processing, and USDA organic seal, we love the taste and efficacy of the brand. Vitalibis is a socially conscious brand that cares about our environment, people and planet. We pick Vitalibis hands down for the trusted brand and of course, backed by the Bruce Lee Foundation – how can you not love Bruce Lee and his amazing legacy.

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“The magnetic jewelry really helped my migraines. I I feel more energized and focused.” 

Charn P.
Newport Beach Aikido, California


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