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Edwin Funes
Small Business Owner

“Once I put my DiSC training into practice I was able to build strong and meaningful relationships with my clients. I was able to better understand their needs and provide them with a higher quality of service. I recommend this training to anyone looking to be a better communicator in their business.”

Robert J. Davis
Marketing director, Farmers Insurance group

“I consider Round Table Dynamics true visionaries in the field of people and team development. Their team has a mindset that truly understands the significance of helping people achieve their goals with precise efficiency. People respond to their methodologies. Truly dedicated professional who not only know how to develop a more productive business, know how to develop people. Round Table Dynamics’ dedication to the “person” is what makes them so great at talent strategy and Management.”

Neil Ortega
Small Business Owner

“As a small business owner, I don’t have the resources that a large corporation.  Not only has Round Table Dynamics been there to bounce ideas off of, they have also shared their networks with me.”

Andy Govert

“People first, people first, people first. Take care of your employees first and they will take care of you. I know Round Table Dynamics spent many days frustrated with me. When I finally opened my mind to the possibility of their mantra, my business changed, my life changed.”

scott swearinger
Sgt, Usmc and certified arborist/owner of urban tree care

“As a Marine, leadership is everything and Mike is a natural born leader. He knows how to deal with people, their problems, big and small, all at the same time. He has the uncanny ability to recognize other’s strengths and weaknesses. He builds on their strengths while simultaneously dissolves their weaknesses. He is honest, even if that means hearing something you may not like, but uses a form of tact that is rarely seen in the civilian world. His ability to see the big picture and his foresight, in my experience, has been unequalled. He is the standard to which I compare all other leaders. Mike would make a great Marine Officer and I would follow him anywhere.”

Tony sayegh

“The people at Round Table Dynamics are a rare breed, understanding both people and business. They are masters with financial analysis. They easily helped us define the primary driving forces of our business, then taught us how to communicate that message.”

Armando Muniz
Safety Manager

“The DiSC tool has helped me improve teamwork beyond what I had previously imagined. Developing teams is Round Table Dynamics’ expertise and the DiSC tool sets a great foundation for the training. On a side note, the DiSC has also helped me communicate better at home with my wife and kids. Anyone in business, sales, or who communicates with the public should take this assessment.”

Joe Villarreal

Round Table Dynamics’ personal coaching helped me at work and in creating balance in my life. I found personal happiness and the confidence to go after and get my dream job. Thank you Round Table Dynamics.”

Gerardo Jara

I met Michael when I was brand new to the workplace. He saw something in me. Through his direction, empathy, and diligence, he helped me grow into a successful Branch Manager. Even more importantly, I have been able to pay the lessons that Michael and K&M taught me forward. Now I have the tools to develop new leaders.”

Gilberto Barajas

“Thank you for your personal coaching and support. Winning the National Employee of the Year Award was so special. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Kellan Falconieri
Sales professional

“What has set Round Table Dynamics apart, is their distinct ability to identify personality traits, and to communicate effectively and genuinely based on peoples’ needs. Introducing DiSC analysis into our organization had a profound impact on the effectiveness of our communication as a team, as well as our personal self-knowledge.”

Sally Madadian-mardiros

Round Table Dynamics has been one of my favorite group of people to work with. They care about results. I have never known them to shy away from a task or challenge. They have an amazing way of communicating with people to get the results needed. They have the ability to understand both sides of an issue and bring people together.”

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