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Employees at all levels are asked to do more and more with less and less these days and the feeling of being overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed out is all too common. 

By helping your key employees learn and grow, you are taking a step toward being a destination company in this challenging talent market. 

 Key frontline employees are the drivers of your business and sometimes they need help navigating through complicated communication and business challenges. They need guidance on how to handle the pressures from ever increasing demands, growing workloads and the challenges of management while working on diverse teams. They need real tools to ensure they take care of themselves.

Round Table Dynamics’ Personal Coaching can help by providing support and strategies for not only surviving but thriving under difficult circumstances. It is a personalized process that provides clarity on:

  • What winning looks like 
  • Understanding and overcoming obstacles and barriers in everyday communication, which may get in the way of hitting goals or deadlines
  • Specific action steps to take that will lead to sustainable and positive outcomes for their teams. 

Through active listening and often direct questioning, our coaching will help your leaders maximize the potential they already have inside them and help to move them toward a balanced and successful future. 


“I consider Round Table to be true visionaries  in the field of people and team development” 

Robert J. David
Marketing Director, Farmers Insurance Group

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Personal Coaching

Help your employees learn and grow, and become a destination company in this challenging talent market. 

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Whether you are the CEO or in a managerial position, or just need to de-stress, Notes from the Round Table is a cookbook for success.


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Round Table Dynamics can bring new life to your organization by acting as a catalyst for change with in-office training sessions.


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