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Our dynamic and comprehensive solutions focus on personal and social wellbeing of every individual on your team so that your company can grow sustainably.

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We teach your team tools for communication, mindfulness, personal happiness and ways to effectively integrate our systems back into the workplace.

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Our communication training and team-building programs result in happier workplaces, peaceful communication, reduced turnover, increased productivity, and company culture of wellbeing & trust.

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We connect CEO’s with Millennials through productive and effective communication and wellbeing strategies

About the founder

Michael Gillet

I am a manager, a coach, an entrepreneur, an urban farmer, an outdoor water conservationist and a rustic foodie. I am a husband, a father, and a trauma survivor. I teach people and help them grow beyond their own expectations.

At the beginning of the Great Recession, in 2007, I started an MBA program with an emphasis in Finance. The timing made for an incredibly special learning experience as we were able to study the recession in real-time. Business and finance theories were tested, and several longstanding norms were discredited. The world’s financial systems and institutions were changed forever. So was I. I learned I did not enjoy finance at all but was fascinated by business culture and how people were motivated. I wanted to learn more about people. 


My capstone program, Scandinavian Scholar International Studies Program, centered on global sustainability, green business, and institutional responsibility to the environment. We started in Copenhagen and ended our journey in Stockholm. At the time, Stockholm was the #1 Green City in the World. We visited and talked to local business owners, corporate executives, university professors, politicians, and green activists from all over the region. I was struck by how differently the Scandinavian people practiced business. Life mattered. Balanced mattered. They were not showy or excessive. This culture was much different than the American business culture I had always know. The kindness and openness of the people I met during this experience affected me deeply and fueled my curiosity in people.  

Since finishing the MBA program, I have had the opportunity to work with businesses hit hard by the Great Recession. I was able to help reboot several companies and profit centers: saving thousands of jobs. Over this time, I noticed the same core problems everywhere I went. The root cause of failing managers and businesses usually came down to three things: communication issues, lack of confidence in the business, in management, as well as individuals with low self-esteem and neglected self-care.

I wrote my book and opened my business because I have struggled with communication and confidence issues my whole life. I have seen too many capable folks fail, simply because communication failed. Many individuals move into management and develop self-care issues: Gaining a lot of weight, lots of fast food, TONS of caffeine, trouble sleeping, not having fun at work or at home.  I have met too many stressed out, sick and unhappy managers and owners. I had friends and co-workers who died of heart attack or stroke in their early 50s, due to prolonged exposer to stress at work. I too was slowly killing myself due to not listening to my body and not feeding my soul. I did not realize I was sick until it was almost too late.

Michael Gillett

Founder of Round Table Dynamics



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Help your employees learn and grow, and become a destination company in this challenging talent market. 


Allow your teams to build team unity and strengthen their communication skills, all while enjoying new experiences and places.

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Round Table Dynamics can bring new life to your organization by acting as a catalyst for change with in-office training sessions.


Improve the quality of your workplace culture with DiSC, one of the world’s most recognizable brands in research-validated assessments.

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