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Our dynamic and comprehensive solutions focus on personal growth and wellbeing. As well as creating a plan that is achievable and sustainable.

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We teach your team tools for communication, mindfulness, personal happiness and ways to effectively integrate our systems back into the workplace.

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Our communication training and team-building programs result in happier workplaces, peaceful communication, reduced turnover, increased productivity, and company culture of wellbeing & trust.

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We connect teams through productive and effective communication and wellbeing strategies.

About the Company

Roundtable Dynamics

The Purpose or Mission of the company is to share. When we share, we break the cycle of what is hurting us, and not allowing us to move towards our full potential.

I started the Round Table Meetings when I recognized the need to bring the leaders of my region closer together to reverse the trending decline. The idea was to have the top managers in a room once every six weeks and have frank and honest conversations to save the business.

The original five members of the group were as diverse as I had ever worked with; personality, education, and experience. We worked hard to create an environment of trust. A place where we could talk to each other without fear, repercussions, or negative consequences. Where safety and care set the tone. A place where all of us were open to sharing.

As trust developed, we started to talk about our feelings and challenges outside of work. We helped each other through those moments too. Then something magical happened. We began to win at business and found more balance with life.

About the founder

Michael Gillet

I am a leadership coach supporting leaders working through change in their business or life.

I typically work with managers, executives, and business owners.

I also peer mentor and coach folks who have experienced life-altering traumatic events and are navigating the challenges this has on balancing careers and everyday life.

I have had the privilege of working with some fantastic leaders and helping them through various challenges, some of which might resonate with you:



1. Going through or considering a significant change at work or in life

2. Experiencing breakdowns in communication with your team

3. Suffering from toxic stress.

4. Needing to find a connection or searching for purpose in this stage of your life.

5. Suffering burnout.

6. Believing that you are undeserving.

7. All of these at once.

Coaching Philosophy:
Coaching is a comprehensive process that extends beyond the realm of work to address all areas of life, including finances, health, relationships, education, and leisure. Coaching includes the head, heart, and gut and exploring change through curiosity. Together, we work to break the cycle of habits that do not serve us now and make space for new habits to form.

Hudson Institute of Coaching Certified Coach, MBA emphasis in Finance and Global Sustainability, Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Hudson Institute of Coaching LifeForward™ Graduate, Member International Coaching Federation (ICF), International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (in progress), DiSC® Authorized Partner, Certified.

My Support:
I have a diverse network of coaching professionals, consultants, and leaders, the Hudson Institute of Coaching, and the International Coaching Federation.



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Help your employees learn and grow, and become a destination company in this challenging talent market. 

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Whether you are the CEO or in a managerial position, or just need to de-stress, Notes from the Round Table is a cookbook for success.


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Round Table Dynamics can bring new life to your organization by acting as a catalyst for change with in-office training sessions.


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