health expo yoga and more

We are so excited to be part of the upcoming Healthy Expo Event on September 25th from 11-2 PM

Plenty of food, music, wellness products and vendors for everyone to enjoy. This event is sponsored by the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce. Our very own, Michael Gillett will be speaking about how to achieve Happiness in Four Simple Steps

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Here’s a list of speakers at the event:

What You Don’t Know About Essential Oils

Speaker: Maleika Lacy

Talk time – 11:00 am

Essential oils have become so popular. Perhaps you had the chance to smell or experience a few yourself. It is easy to fall in love with their natural scent, but there is so much more to essential oils beyond just an air freshener. In this talk come to learn 3 cool things you never knew about essential oils. You will never guess what they are and they just might change your life.

Find Out What Your Breath Pattern is Saying About You!

Speaker: Mary O’Dwyer, Mary’s Blue Door, Breathwork Transformational Therapist
Talk time – 11:45 am

Mary shares how we each have a unique breathing pattern that develops as a result of our experiences in life.  Different breath patterns indicate how we show up in life- where we hold back, whether we have good boundaries or not, whether or not we are fully trusting of the flow of life etc. By simply altering these breathing patterns it is possible to show up in life more fully without fear and holding back.

4 Simple Steps in 15 minutes for Better Happiness 

Speaker: Michael Gillette, Round Table Dynamics

Talk time – 12:15 pm 

Establishing Patterns of Success in Your Health and Life

Speaker: John Grant

Talk time – 12:30 pm

Have you ever in your adult life looked in the mirror and thought to yourself “I should be in better health than I am now”?  If so, you are not alone. People often struggle with achieving a healthy body and mind, unable to live their life to its fullest potential.  Making the changes that are necessary to live an optimal life may feel overwhelming. John will walk you through easy steps you can start taking today that will enable you to feel your best each day

How a Little-Known Technology Can Increase Your Strength with LESS Gym Time and Effort

Speaker: Chuck Bellah, Physical Therapist at Rehab House Call

Talk time -1:15 pm

Have you ever wondered how you could exercise really hard without risking injury? Are you going through rehabilitation for an injury and keep experiencing setbacks?  Would you like the muscle mass, endurance, and performance gains of lifting/moving TONS of weight but only using light weights?  

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this important presentation is perfect for you. There is a little-known, yet research-proven and completely safe technology to allow all the above to be achieved with minimal effort and time.  In this presentation, you will learn exactly what this technology is and the research supporting it, AND how you can incorporate it into your exercise/rehab journey towards your health and fitness goals.