Michael Gillett, MBA (Instagram: @RoundTableDynamics) is a business owner, author, executive coach, and trauma survivor. Michael joins PTSD and Beyond to share his awareness moment and what inspired him to write the book: Note from the Round Table.

“I had friends and co-workers who died of heart attack or stroke in their early 50s, due to prolonged exposure to stress at work. I too was slowly killing myself due to not listening to my body and not feeding my soul. I did not realize I was sick until it was almost too late,” Michael Gillett

In this episode, we discuss:

~ What can be done to feed happiness and the soul?

~ How to create safe spaces in the workplace?

~ One simple thing to bring happiness

~ How to instantly create peace and calm

~ 3 Steps leaders can do to reduce stress and increase collaboration

~ Excerpts from the book: Notes from the Round Table

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