by mike gillett

Notes from the round table

A Guide to Management

and Well-being

“My mission to help those in need. They are not alone, hold on to hope and happiness is real. Sometimes we need help finding it, and that’s okay.” – Michael Gillett

A Guide to Management and Well-Being by Michael Gillett. Avalable as a  digital download or paperbook copy. Help us raise the awareness for mental illness and buy a book for a friend. Together we can support each other.

Michael Gillett was exposed to trauma in his childhood and suffered with CPTSD – Complex Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder for over four decades. After his journey of pain and healing through a combination of holistic therapy, breath work, mediation, and Qigong meditation, he shares his recipes for management and well-being in the Notes of the Round Table.

This self-discovery book is intended to guide you through various moments in life when you need support and offer you valuable exercises for overcoming the challenges. Whether you are the CEO or in a managerial position, or just need to de-stress, Notes from the Round Table is a recipe book for success.

Available as an E-book or Paperback. If you wish to gift a friend the book, purchase a $10 gift card for the digital download or $36 for the paperback (includes standard shipping within the US).

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As part of the Brain Health Awareness Series, Media Stream interviews Round Table Dynamics CEO and Author from Notes of the Round Table – Michael Gillett on mental illness stigmas. After having suffering through CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for most of his childhood and adult life, Michael gives an exclusive interview and shares in this revealing interview about his journey through recovery.

“I love the stories in the book! The management pieces are spot on!!! Holistic practices are new to me. I am trying one at a time.” – Tony S.


“Michael hits you right from the start, “Mentors are everywhere, you just need to listen.” I am listening much better now and use this book as my mentor.” – Joe V.

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